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SachsenRad CityRad -26 Zoll CityRad 36V 10A C0826 schwarz SachsenRad CityRad -26 Zoll CityRad 36V 10A C0826 schwarz

SachsenRad CityRad -26 Zoll CityRad 36V 10A C0826 schwarz


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Vouwmaat (lxbxh): 0 x 0 x 0 cm 6 versnelling(en) Motorpositie: Achterwiel Accupositie: In frame ...
• City-smart removable battery for versatile anyplace charging, thanks to its minimalistic size which let it slide into your backpack so easily. • Uni-design battery housing: located inside the frame for a sleek look and safety• Aero plane grade aluminum alloy for higher durability• 250 W Bürstenloser Motor offers an impressive 50-80 km/hour speed (depending on road and weight conditon)• Its 38 V/8Ah Lithium Ion battery provides an impressive 50-80 km mileage

Guaruntee and Warranty policy:
§ We grant the warranty period of 24 months from the date of first sale, which is valid within the EU, if the defect or fault is due to material or processing defects. This includes material, production and construction faults.
§Please note that for the first 6 months after purchase the burden of proof lies with the dealer or manufacturer. During this period he has to guarantee that the product was free of defects when the contract was concluded. After 6 months, however, the burden of proof is reversed. This means that the burden of proof now lies with the buyer.
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§Parts subject to wear and tear are not covered by the warranty if they have been worn out through use and fall under normal wear and tear through use.
§Wearing parts include brake discs, brake pads, bushings, seals and bearings in chassis parts (fork, shock absorber), rims (for rim brakes), grips, bottom bracket, chain, chainrings, bearing sets for full-suspension frames, hub bearings, tires, sprockets, headset, cables, saddle, retractable seat posts and also the battery of your e-bike.
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